by David A. Frank

About the Author

David Frank is a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Award recipient in South Bend, Indiana. He won this award because of an idea that he proposed to the community, that would allow all people in the community, around the country and around the world, to have a "voice." Through the use of present day Communication Technology, it is now possible to bring Americas 225 year old Republic System into the 21st Century.


This book is about a plan to bring America's 225 year old Republic system into the 21st Century. This new system for America is a result of a vision experienced by David Frank, in 1989. This vision outlined a new system for America using present day Communication Technology. By remapping America to look like a honeycomb, each community, looking like a hexagon, will use present day technology to allow the "people" to start fixing America from the ground-up. The new system will allow the "people," not the politicians, to begin to raise, debate and vote on issues that they believe can make their communities a better place to live. 1000 Technological Townhall Meeting systems across America will utilize the knowledge and brainpower of 300 million people, making the world a better place today, for the children of tomorrow.

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