Thank You for Taking the time to investigate the Plan. This is how You can help to Make This Plan A Reality.. 

1. Please Share site with as many people as possible. We want People Locally, Nationally and Internationally to know of this Plan. Our Goal is to get as many People as possible thinking the same thing at the same time. As long as we are all going in different directions and fighting for our own issues, the Political Machine will continue to Win! If, we have enough People all thinking the same thing at the same time, We the People Win! We all Need to understand that we have 21st Century Communication Technology and We the People can now stop being "Misrepresented" and Now "Represent Ourselves."

2. Form a coalition of Local People who understand the plan and want to make this plan a reality in their own community. This is a Ground-up, Community by Community system so we need the help from People in your own Community. Please share the information on this website that explains the plan and build a coalition of like minded people with the same cause...To Give Everyone in Your Community a Real Voice on the Issue Affecting Their Lives.

3. Either individually or as a group, present this plan to your local Public Broadcasting General Manager and or Production Manager. This will give them a clear understanding of your intentions and your desire to use YOUR Public Broadcasting Station as Your Local Issues Channel. This is your tool to raise, debate and vote on ideas to make your community a better place to live.

4. Present this plan to local Political leaders and ask for their support and financing of the project, if needed. Find the Political leader or leaders that understand the importance of the "Empowerment" of the People in your community and ask him/her to use their bully pulpit to promote the plan...

We need 2 Technological Components in each community. The Public Broadcasting Station to be used as the Local Issues Television Station and the Computer holding the Voter Data Base, containing the "Citizen Participation Identification Number" to verify the voter, count the vote, and prevent multiple voting by any citizen...There are people in your community that know how to build the data base...

The bottom line is this...America is broken and needs to Change...It is either going to change violently or nonviolently with the use of Communication Technology. This plan allows We the People to Nonviolently change our old broken and corrupt system into a 21st Century System that is truly of, by and finally for the People...

Please use our "Contact Page" to be in touch if you have any questions...We the People can bring Positive Change for generations to come...David Frank